Our Story

Carefully curated selection of handmade products and impeccable, second-to-none guest services.
Welcome to City to Cottage.

We would like to dedicate this sophisticated and creative space to you - a reliable and inspiring human being, modern and caring mother, daughter, partner, colleague and friend- who associate yourself with good quality, uncomplicated happiness and our delightfully sassy and chic style. It is our pleasure to finally have met you.

We handpick every one of our makers so you're always surrounded by the best because we want customers to feel proud owning their creations.

We wish to remain true to our focus and cultivate awareness of our goals - to stay light-hearted, casual and open but also to provide you with fresh content. We genuinely can’t imagine doing business any other way. We get up every morning with the same goal: to provide our visitors, friends, customers with not just the right attitude, but with supremely stylish, handmade products that make our future more sustainable.


Everything we sell is made exclusively for us, our attention to detail reaches every aspect of this platform. This makes each and every City to Cottage product an excellent choice as a birthday present, a wedding anniversary gift or the well-deserved treat for yourself.

We hope you share our passion at this journey we are on when visiting our site, we love feedback so please do let us know if there is anything we could do to make this place better and better